Prospect Residences

  • Guilford Avenue, Prospect
  • Residential

Centina worked in collaboration with Zybek Consulting to deliver this residential development. Consisting of five double storey dwellings, this development was particularly challenging due to the existing site topography and new built form density.

The site presented a steep crossfall that required significant retaining and levelling. The complexity was compounded as the final built form included many boundary wall details with deep footing edge beams and upstands. The many neighbouring property owners (seven on total) added further difficulty to the project.

The presentation of the project on completion was first class. The architectural form, stylish interior design and quality construction ensured the project looked stunning.

Elements of particular note included the fantastic street appeal that can be attributed to the architecturally striking facades. The timber clad and tiled balconies overlooking the rear reserve were beautifully presented. Quality fixtures and fittings throughout were also a feature of this project.