NNQ Woodville

  • NNQ
  • Woodville Road, Woodville
  • Hospitality

Centina was engaged for full Project Management including site acquisition, management and liaison with all project stakeholders, management of council EOI process, design management from concept stage to full Design Approval, construction management.

The site acquisition and feasibility stage of this project commenced in late 2013 with the client needing to relocate to a premises that will allow for future revenue growth. Centina investigated the suitability of a several sites (including both purchase and lease analysis) and was successful in finding an appropriate site (council- owned heritage building).

We acted on our clients’ behalf to negotiate directly with council (building owner) to work through a public EOI process and ultimately ensure that our client was able to secure a long term lease.

The project comprises a new commercial kitchen, alfresco bar and dining area and a renovation to the existing heritage building. Key to the success of the project was Centina’s understanding of what the client required to maintain a stable and profitable business for years to come. This included managing and delivering the project within an extremely tight construction program to ensure a seamless transition from their existing facility to the new location.